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LexisNexis Community and Educational Outreach Awards

The LexisNexis Community & Educational Outreach Awards honor outstanding bar public service and law-related education programs.

There is no restriction on the number of nominations a bar association or foundation can submit, although a separate form must be completed for each program nominated.

Current Award Recipients

 2013 Winners

State bar with 18,000+ members

State bar with fewer than 18,000 members

Local bar with 5,000+ members

Local bar with fewer than 2,000 members


Previous Winners


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All bar associations and foundations whose staff are currently NABE members are eligible and must meet the following criteria:

  • Degree of innovation and originality in addressing problems
  • Overall quality of the program
  • Effectiveness of the project in achieving the desired objective
  • Adaptability of the program by other bar associations or foundations
  • Size and diversity of target audience
  • Scope, importance and duration of benefits derived by target audience

Foundation projects that provide only funds to a public service or law-related education program are ineligible.

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Nomination Form & Steps

Nomination Form [PDF]

Nominations are due April 15, 2014.

Nomination forms and any supporting documents must be submitted electronically in no more than two PDF documents (the form and one document comprising everything else).  All submissions will be reviewed by the NABE Board at its spring meeting and nominators will be notified by June 6, 2014.


For information about the Community Outreach Awards, contact:

Kira Baltutis
NABE/LexisNexis Community Outreach Awards
Program Assistant
Division for Bar Services
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark Street, 16th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654-7598

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