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We value our sponsors. Their support is critical to the success of our events, and helps us offer a broad range of materials and services to NABE members. 

And as a NABE member, you are eligible for discounts with many of the vendors below.

If you would like to sponsor upcoming NABE events, please visit Advertising and Sponsorships for sponsorship options and contact information.

We have sponsorships in the following categories:

  • Association (Year-round) Sponsors
  • Midyear and Annual Meeting Sponsors
  • Communications Section Workshop
  • Chief Staff Executive Retreat
  • Small Bar Conference

Our Sponsors by Industry

If you would like to sponsor your company in this section below, please visit Advertising and Sponsorships for more information.

Administrative Services

  • LawPay
    Amy Porter, Founder and CEO
    6200 Bridgepoint Parkway
    Building 4, Suite 250
    Austin, TX 78730
    (512) 366-7101

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Financial Planning

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Group Buying

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Information Services

  • Lexology
    Darran Clarke, Subscriptions and Marketing Manager
    New Hibernia House
    Winchester Walk
    London Bridge
    London SE1 9AG
    United Kingdom
    +44 20 7234 0606

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Law School

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 Office Products

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Professional Development

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Public Education

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  • InReach
    Sara Spivey, Chief Executive Officer
    5700 South Mopac Expressway, Suite C310
    Austin, TX 78749
    (512) 904-1823

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If you would like to sponsor upcoming NABE events, please visit Advertising and Sponsorships for vendor details and contact information.

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