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Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue: Show Me the Money

Keys to Successful Financial Management

Connecting Core Competencies: New Graduates and the Bar

Stuff Happens: Be Prepared



Connecting Core Competencies: New Graduates and the Bar

New attorneys are entering a changing and challenging job market.  Bar associations can have a positive sustained impact on helping employers to create work environments where talented professionals stay productive and engaged, become successful leaders and achieve their highest potential.  Ida Abbot will share strategies related to core competencies and employer expectations for lawyers' learning and development.  Gain insight into how to provide support for these new professionals and for those who are starting, expanding, revising, or restructing professional development acitivities.


Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue: Show me the Money

Generating non-dues income from sponsors can be a crucial bolster to an association's success in tough economic times.  This session will provide you with tips and tools to market a wide and customizable range of benefits to potential and repeat sponsors.  The more lines that are cast, the more likely you are to succeed.  Catching a sponsor is just the first step in building a long-term relationship.  As the legal market changes, so must bar associations to remain attractive to sponsors.  Learn how to deliver real value and build a referral network to other potential sponsors through your current benefactors.


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